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Step into the vibrant realm of Maharashtra, where our initiative currently lights up the educational journey of 240+ middle school students in the rural landscapes of Pune and Mumbai. Coming from modest backgrounds, these resilient minds thrive in the nurturing environment of Government Schools. Their parents, often found in occupations like auto driving or domestic work, set the stage for a legacy of determination. Rooted in rural communities around Pune, these students may have limited exposure to technology, but within them lies immense problem-solving potential. As they navigate the nuances of middle school, our mission goes beyond traditional education. We aim to gift these young minds the power of collaborative problem-solving, enabling them to tinker and create with affordable artifacts and tackle real-world challenges using affordable yet powerful technology tools. 

Pilot Scope:

Geography: Mumbai and Pune

No of Schools: 3

No of Students: 244 

No of Teachers: 2

Age Group: 12 to 15 years old

Grade: 6th and 8th

Pilot Outcomes and Learnings:

A: Male students showed a significant improvement in their attitude towards making mistakes, with a 22% decrease in feeling bad (46% to 68%). However, female students exhibited a 30% increase in feeling bad about mistakes (36% to 66%).

B: The program successfully enhanced the attitude towards making mistakes among male students.

C:   Both male and female students demonstrated a notable increase in the perception of the importance of problem-solving with technology. Males increased from 68.83% to 77.42%, and females increased from 61.40% to 80.95%.

D:  The program effectively conveyed the significance of technology-based problem-solving.

E: The program significantly enhanced technology accessibility, with a substantial increase in regular use for both male and female students. Female students increased from 36.8% at baseline to 98.4%, and males increased from 27% to 77.4%.

F: The program effectively made technology more accessible for everyday use.

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